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Eastern Veil in moon light


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Hi all, another of my efforts in moon light! I had all intentions of using my new Ha filter and have a go at M16 again but didnt feel confident enough to to give Ha imaging a go just yet. So with that in mind I tried to find the darkest bit of sky I could find and went for it with my usual set up ( modded canon and SW 130 pds ) . Here is my go at the eastern veil in moon light! 25 x 4 min subs, 6 at 400 and the rest at 800 iso , ( my bad! didnt check set up till on sixth sub but wasnt going to waste them! )  Stacked and played with in PI and a little stir in GIMP. I think its a little over cooked but I like the colour. Hints and tips please.  BTW  again my bad, treid my lashed up cooler half way through subs. Camera seemed cooler but a lot of moisture on outside of the body. Need to be more organised!



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1 hour ago, wimvb said:

That's a nice image. Did you use any filters on this one, because the green is very strong, and some stars are green as well?

Hi, only filter used was my light pollution filter, think the green is from me over cooking it in gimp. I was messing a bout with the sliders and liked the green tinge.

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