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Breakthrough Starshot... or Not?

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Encouraged that people are at least THINKING about:


But will it ever work? I suppose the idea of pumping
Gigawatts of Laser energy into nano-satellites was my
initial circumspection! But maybe, if a HIGH enough 
reflectivity could be achieved in the "sail" material?
Otherwise, fried nano satellites are on the menu! :eek:

Other issues too? But Intriguing, nevertheless... :)

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On 13/07/2016 at 10:17, Macavity said:

Anyone else remember these things: /

No harm in being wrong, first time around! :D

Ok I'll bite :):)

1 ) remember them ! Ha! I can even remember the arguments :)   Actually that is of no consequence, Maxwell had long since corrected his faux pas before he had need of my assistance  hohohooo :)

2 ) remember them ! Ha! You can still buy them on th'bay complete with dodgy dossiers, mind you, I'm not sure I'd trust them unto the post.

But they are pretty ! and in an age when we were still batting Steady State vs Big Bang against each other they were a salutary reminder that even eminent physicists are not to be trusted always right :)

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