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M 83 - Galaxy


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Sometimes to do  a galaxy is a good idea. It was near my clusters ...

GSO 305 mm - Canon T3 - 26 x 150  min (65 min) - ISO 800 - OAG - skyglow filter - Coma corrector 


And with scale around 0.63"/px - (must be seen in full size mode)


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Stock color Canon isn't the best camera to galaxy and nebula. We can not use filter to capture some areas. The bayer matrix with 2 times G than R and B cause some lose of details. I use filter wheel with Skyglow, UHC and Halfa. Sometimes I try nebulae and galaxies with them. UHC has better performance than Halfa. I must do much time of espositon to get some result with Halfa. Usually I use those captures to enhance the red and blue channel. I must  spend a whole night (or nights !) with only one target. Too much frames !

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