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Celestron Starsense in use


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With the forthcoming version of the Starsense for Skywatcher mounts I'm interested in getting one of these for use with my AZ-EQ6GT. However, I would be using it with more than one telescope and it strikes me that I would need to accurately align the camera with the image in the eyepiece each time I moved it, and this would negate some of the advantages of a quick and easy alignment. Has anyone that has the Celestron version had experience of swapping it between scopes? How easy is it? Is it no worse than aligning a finder like a Telrad as you move it from one scope to the next? 

I posted this question in the FLO section where the new version is discussed, but it's perhaps better here


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It is not a case of swapping between scope but mounts.

The standard Celestron version works on Celestron mounts and not on Skywatcher. I had (now sold) one and I asked if Celestron were going to sell separately the conversion kit so it could be used with a Skywatcher mount. The answer (via FLO) was no.

The Starsense drives the mount.

I found it worked well with my AVX mount and though it said there was a calibration routine for the camera I never performed it. with a 20mm EP on my 9.25 SCT I found the target was pretty much centre field when the alignment had been performed.

That said I know some member on this site have made other reports.

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Thanks BaggyW

There is a new version in the offing which works with Skywatcher mounts (see FLO section). It is not yet released so no-one will have experience of that, so I wondered if users of Celestron mounts had experience of swapping it around 

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