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Skywatcher ultra wide 6mm


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Great service yet again from Rother Valley, ordered yesterday morning and received this morning.

Also got a set of planetary and lunar filters so can't wait to test everything next clear skies and I'll let you know what I think. Just wish I had hundreds to spend on EP's but you never know, this may perform well!


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I have one, it is a good enough eyepiece once the scope has been collimated properly.

I used mine in the 200p Dob f5.9 as a tester before getting the 6mm Delos. 

Then I moved it on to use with the 3-inch refractor f9, and here the scope was the weak link until I repaired the focus tube.

The 6mm works well now that I have the 2nd hand metal TAL focuser fitted as a replacement to the rubbish plastic tube effort. Good collimation seems to be much more critical with these EP's.

The 66-degree view is nice to have at higher magnification on a manual AZ type push/pull mount.

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Clear, but very light skies last night so I had chance to use my new EP. First thoughts are great, will do a proper review after a few more sessions. Stars look very nice and sharp, saw Jupiter and Saturn and was pleased but seeing was not great. 

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