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Earthwin Optical Binoviewer arrival

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Hi folks.


Just arrived from Ocean City, Maryland United States.....

Its quite a rare sight on these shores i think : Earthwin Optical Binoviewer with 'PFS'

Designed solely for use with a Newtonian telescope.


The PFS stands for power / filter slide.

Basically this gives me 3 different powers with a single set of eyepieces ; in this case 1.2x , 1.9x  &  2.4x

The high power setting is a correcter at the non bino end which acts like a barlow extending the lightpath sufficiently to allow me to focus with a binoviewer, which in itself eats up about 120mm of focus travel.

The powerswich has 2 independantly useable switches which contain reducer lenses ; a medium power of 1.9x and a low power of 1.2x


Coupled to this is another dual switch which allow me to slide a pair of 2 inch filters into the lightpath.

Its really cool....! I love my gadgets !!


I have 3 sets of eyepieces, so with this system there's many different magnification ranges i can use.

But with this, it means less time swapping eyepieces over, and more time observing.

I'm looking forward to putting it through its paces, and with do a follow up report on how it performs in the field .




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