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DeepSkyStcker issue

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Hi everyone! I imaged M81 a few nights ago and took JPEGs and RAWs. I know it is not suitable to take both formats in the same time, but I'm a beginner and it helps me to verify the image doesn't have star trails. I tried stacking the RAWs in D.S.S. and found out that the final image was blurry and, what is even more intriguing is that a grey spot appeared in the center of the galaxy. I tried different stacking algorithms and all of them gave the same result... However, I tried stacking the JPEGs and the problem disappeared. I was able to stack most of my JPEGs and everything went fine. I don't know what to do in order to stack the RAWs, can you help me? Also, tell me if you need any sample images, I guess you do. Thanks!


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The jpegs will have already been processed, the RAWs you will need to do all the processing yourself.

Don't worry what they look like in DSS as you will need to do the relavent stretching etc in other software.

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