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Mewlon 210 or Mewlon 250

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Does anyone have any ideas how I can see a Mewlon 210 and / or a Mewlon 250 in real life? I need to check that it physically fits on my Nova hitch alt-az mount. The maker of the mount suggests the Mewlon 250 is 'unlikely' to fit so I have to be incredibly careful. Alas, takahashiUK don't stock them? Seems strange to be in such a predicament? 



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Thanks I've seen that. The 210 is actually much wider than 210mm though. It's 245mm. The 250 is 280mm so the difference in diameter isn't that great. Crude measurements on the mount suggest 270mm would fit and 280 would be touch and go. The weight gain is an additional 4KG. I just want the largest I can get so wanted to double check. The 210 would be nice but would likely leave me wanting a larger aperture.

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I've owned a mewlon 210 for several years and I good friend of mine owns I mewlon 250. In my opinion, the 250 it's an observatory class telescope. It's really huge.

Currently I own a C9.25 Edge. Although it's only a 0'75" difference, The mewlon is much bigger and heavy. My friend's 250 rides all the time on a njp mount in his private observatory.

On the contrary, mewlon 210 is really light and handy. You can use his finderscope as a handle. It doesn't need much time to cool down. It will fit much better on a alt az Mount

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Thanks, how do you find the views between the 3? Cool down time and effects of seeing?



Those 3 are all considerations for my next 'large' OTA. In terms of size..

The 250 is 850mm long x 280 diameter

The 210 is 700mm long x 245 diameter

The 9.25 is 559mm x 245 diameter (ex Dew shield). 


So its really how far the nova hitch can be pushed noting I'd also at some point buy a mount in the future for goto's.


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The views are amazing in any of them

the mewlon 210 needs only around 40 minutes to cool  down in average nights. The C9.25 at least one hour. The vents are almost useless.

I can't talk about the mewlon 250 cooldown time  because It is always in the outdoor observatory.

I think that the mewlons are more sensitive to miscollimation and are more affected by bad seeing. In fact, planetary views are usually better with the c9  that they used to be with the mewlon 210.In those  special nights with perfect seeing, the mewlon could outperform the c9.25. But those are rare nights.

The background is darker in the mewlons. The globular clusters are amazing over black velvet. They'll never be affected by dew, a real nightmare in SCs.

The c9.25 shows sharper stars to the edge. They are not "refractor like" but they are the sharper stars I've ever seen with a SC. 

If you like binoviews you will need barlows or glasspath to reach focus with the mewlons. No problems in any configuration with the edge.

Something important to bear in mind is that you can get thousands of inexpensive accesories to improve your viewing or imaging experience with the celestron. Any takahashi accesory will be excessively expansive. 

Replacing the focuser is a must in all of them. I added a feathertouch microfocusser in the C9.25. You will need a much more expensive moonlight  or feathertouch crayford for the takahashi.


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