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First attempt at the Flame Nebula

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Hi all,

Following on from advice in my last thread I decided to give NGC 2024 a go with my university's telescope. I wasn't sure whether to post this in the other thread or not - apologies if I should have!

7x 120s RGB subs

7x 300s Ha subs

5x120s Darks

5x300s Darks

20 Bias frames


The image didn't turn out as well as i'd have hoped for over an hour of integration time, clearly I still have a lot left to learn!

The main thing I'm finding a problem with is getting stars to look right; they're brighter in different filters, so when aligning the colour channels in photoshop stars are 'larger' in some colours than others. Is there a way around this?

Another problem i'm having is with DeepSkyStacker. It continually keeps only wanting to stack one frame, despite it picking up >10 stars. It was almost impossible to stack the Ha subs since the stars were so dim- the only channel I could properly stack was the red. Could this be due to light pollution, or am I missing something?



NGC 2024 Ha Lum.jpg

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