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Playing around with my first video camera, I find I'm having a tough time capturing my video feed.

I've picked up the Revolution Imager System, which came with a pretty generic video capture USB device.  When hooked to the camera, and to my laptop (windows 7, 64 bit machine), i can see the image on SharpCap, and when I try to capture a video, it tells me that the capture is underway, and gives me the stats on the number of frames, etc.

But when I go to view or import the .avi into Registax, there's nothing there.  Well, there's one frame, but not the 2,000 or the one minutes worth that Sharpcap said it received.  All .avi's are the same size (875 kb), regardless of the number of frames captured.

I can get a FITS image out when I do I live stack, but I have some doubt that it actually reflects a stack, rather than the last frame received.

Any suggestions ?  I half suspect the USB device.  Does anyone have a recommendation of a good one ?

Thanks in advance


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