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The electronics on my mount has a feature where it will switch up from guiding speed to 16 or 32x by holding down the opposite key once you start the move. I wanted to try and use this feature remotely. Looked at using the guider and ascom pulse guide but its just too awkward and slow. Saw a usb to ST-4 AG port board and it gave me an idea. I purchased a 4 relay usb controller board and I'm writing the software for it now. Actually I'm pretty close to having a version ready to test so I'll be ready to go when the board gets here. Not possible to hit two keys at the same time with a mouse so I've added a checkbox to automatically switch up to the high speed when its checked and you hit a key. The code just waits a bit then activates the other relay. All you are doing with an autoguider port is switching the line from each direction to ground so the relays are a good way to do it. I'll run this on the laptop outside so I can access it with teamviewer. The board also has 4 inputs for 1 wire temp humidity sensors. Plan on adding those so I can get a good dew reading here. The closest is Austin 70 miles away and the readings are way off for here by the lake. Don't like the dew on my camera so having an accurate reading will be nice.


The buttons will disappear I cut the buttons out of the picture and made one with shadows so it will look like its pressed. The checkbox is to enable the hi speed mode. I'm going to add another led to indicate getting close to the dewpoint.  Haven't written any code in years but its just like riding a bike you never forget.


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