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Jupiter 3rd Feb '15 from Burton-on-Trent


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Went out last night hoping for a good few hours of imaging, unfortunately it didn't last long as the cloud came over and then when i was was packing up due to work in the morning, it started to clear! Arghh!!!!

Anyway this is one imaged at F30. Stacked with AS2!,  Wavelets in R6, cropped and upscaled to 150%. I think the transit is Io but I may be wrong?? I've done better images but Jupiter hadn't really climbed that high when this was shot.

Really having a hard time using my QHY5L-ii colour and Firecapture. I just cannot get the colour balance right so end up using EZPlanetary and the default settings are spot on. If anyone has any pointers or ideas, then that would be great.



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