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  1. Hi, make me an offer what you think and I'll see whether it sounds good
  2. Hi, I have a 2" mounted L-Enhance which I brought in April. What would you offer for it? Kind Regards Paul
  3. I have a Sysncan V5 Hand Controller that came with my Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro. I have only used it once when i first tried the mount and has been packed away for over a year. I brought an EQMOD straight after buying the mount cable so have no need for the Hand Controller now. I've checked what firmware is on currently on the handset and its showing as Version 04.39.04 but I've looked online for the latest version and that is 04.39.15. This can easily be upgraded to the lastet version. Looking for £100 including P&P which would be a tracked delivery. Bank Transfer preferred.
  4. RVO 32mm F4 Guidescope for sale. Small lightweight Guidescope weighing 287 grams with a focal length of 128mm. Doesn't come with the original bolt. £35 including P&P Bank transfer preferred
  5. Thanks. I tried updating as Wornish suggested but still the same thing. Done a normal integration and it worked but looked a mess. So like you say it must be some dodgy frames. Went through Deep Sky Stacker no issues.
  6. It's saying all the frames. Just a single image of the Elephant Trunk Nebula taken over 8 hrs.
  7. Hi, can anyone explain what's causing this error message. Trying to process 76 lights and a master dark but keep getting star registration failure. I've increased the star detection threshold but still happens. Never had it with any of my images before.
  8. Got my 1st astro camera last week, a Zwo Asi 533MC Pro OSC and took it out for 1st light on Saturday night. I went to a (dark site, nothing's dark at the minute) Can't get this from my home and the dark site has a nice flat horizon. Anyway this is just 6 x 5 minute subs cooled to - 10c and darks to match. No flats. Love this camera.
  9. I'm on the £9.98 subscription but just started using Astro Pixel Processor to stack by images and it also has decent processing tools so I might ditch PS and use Gimp for finishing off. Will purchase Pixinsight one day.
  10. Paid for and downloaded Annie's Astro Actions last night and had a quick process of my Rosette Nebula, the star reduction tool definitely works! Thanks.
  11. Thank you, I'll have a look at Annie's Astro Actions
  12. Hi, Has anyone got any good guides or plug-ins for reducing the number of stars in a star field using PS? I imaged the Rosette Nebula the other night but find the number of stars distracting from the Nebula. Thanks.
  13. I am selling my Polemaster and Skywatcher HEQ5 Adapter. I use a Asi Air now which has a built Polar Alignment feature so the Polemaster is now redundant. Purchased in August of last year in great condition. Looking for around £220 ono, that includes P&P. Bank Transfer preferred but will accept PayPal. ******* Now Sold ********
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