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  1. I am selling my Polemaster and Skywatcher HEQ5 Adapter. I use a Asi Air now which has a built Polar Alignment feature so the Polemaster is now redundant. Purchased in August of last year in great condition. Looking for around £220 ono, that includes P&P. Bank Transfer preferred but will accept PayPal. ******* Now Sold ********
  2. Them drawings make no sense to me. So if the Canon t mount is 11 mm, should the Flattener be set to 12.9mm or 13.9mm with the filter in?
  3. Hi yes, I have a Svbony CLS filter in. So adjust to 13.9mm?
  4. I have a William Optics Z61 with the Flat 61A adjustable Flattener. I took an image of the Horsehead Nebula and noticed there was a bit of coma in the corners. I have it set to 12.9mm as instructed on the WO website. I am using a Canon 6d with it. Would the 12.9mm be correct or will it be more or less?
  5. Enjoyed the show today. Big thanks to Rob @FLOfor belt modding my HEQ5 Pro. Only money I spent today was a tea for my dad and some chips for me. Some fantastic kit on display.
  6. I was being cheeky and seeing if there was a discount on the kit as well as free fitting I brought my HEQ5 Pro off you about a month ago.
  7. Tempted with this. Will there be a discount on the Rowan kit?
  8. Got these today. 50 velcro cable ties for a bit of cable management, a micro USB for my Canon 6d and a 2.1mm right angle extension cable for my HEQ5 Pro. Can't understand why Skywatcher don't make this connection standard instead of the straight plug so the weight of the PSU is pulling on the plug
  9. 10m 4-port USB Hub and a Lynx Astro EQDIR cable so I can image with my HEQ5 Pro in the house with my laptop. Beats sitting outside freezing!
  10. I have for sale a Skywatcher Star Adventurer Pro Pack and Skywatcher Stainless Steel 1.75" Tripod with 3/8" Thread. Extra with the Pro Pack is another 1kg Counterweight and Bar (2 in total), a Right Angle Viewfinder, a Glow in Dark Polar Scope Illuminator Adaptor and if you have or thinking of buying a Polemaster, a Qhyccd Polemaster Star Adventurer Adapter. It's a great bit of kit but selling to upgrade to a bigger mount. Would like to sell them together but may consider splitting for the right price. Looking for £300 including shipping. Bank Transfer preferred or collection if easier from near Burton on Trent.
  11. Wow 0.5! That is good. I think tonight is the night it's finally all come together. I'm currently shouting M31 at 3 min subs with no trailing hurrah! PHD2 is currently showing 1.34. Can live with that. Look forward to seeing your results.
  12. Very interested in this. I have the same setup but on a Skywatcher Star Adventurer. I had no end of trouble last night. Couldn't get my guidescope scope focused until late, star trailing even on short exposures. Going to give it another go tonight as next 2 nights are forecast clear. How are you setup? I seem to be struggling still. Balance seems ok, and once I've Polar Aligned in Polemaster all is good but once I choose a target and start guiding, it all goes down hill.
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