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PixInsight - newbie stuck already


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I downloaded the trial PixInsight today and I'm stuck already :-(

I'm following Harry's tutorial number 2 to preprocess my images but I've hit a problem whereby when I add the flats, darks, bias and lights into the script and hit run, the resultant master light frame appears to have lost some data around the star edges. see below:


The whole image looks like this after a quick auto stretch using the "Screentransferfunction" :


Any ideas what is going on here?

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To start of with look at the rejection maps and make sure the sigma setting is not to high and you are rejecting too much

if you are ( as you always should) run the integration tool separately to refine your settings


Thanks Harry. I'll give it another go tomorrow. This is yet another steep learning curve but I'm up for the challenge and have 45 days to succeed :-D

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I think I've fixed it today. It seems as though my bias, darks and flats weren't being stacked properly and removed from the lights (apologies for my technical incorrectness here).

I went back and created master bias, dark and flats using this method:


I then used the BatchPreprocessing script with the above masters to stack the light frames. I only had 10 lights so I used the Sigma clipping algorithm. Image Integration preview is below:


I don't know why the BatchPreprocessing script was not working for me. Maybe I have bad bias, dark and flats?

I have 100 bias, 40 darks, and 100 flats (taken using t-shirt over scope pointing to daylight sky)

I'm going to go and use the ImageIntegration tool now to fine tune.

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