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Meade 2102 Computerized "Go To" Refractor Telescope DSLR question

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Is a DSLR on a small "Go To" telescope like this too much weight for the motor to handle? Even if it works am I running the risk of burning out the motor or anything else? I'm probably going to end up using a webcam or Cell phone attachment instead if this is the case. 

Thanks for any advice in advance! :)

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Found a review on CN and I would say that attempting to put a DSLR on the scope would cause troubles. However the review is on a used item from Craiglist and there is no history of the use by the previous owner.

The mount/drive bit seems reasonable as does the tube and lens but the remainder sounds as if it is mainly of plastic construction and so a DSLR on the rear end of a plastic focuser could result in the end of the assembly breaking. Either at the fociser itself or at the diagonal if it were still in use.

The tripod is reported as very poor also.

There mention of gear problems but as previously the review is on a used item and that could have been the previous owner.

Additionally the mount is Alt/Az and so not suited to the long exposure images that a DSLR is suited to. As you mention I suspect that a webcam at the rear is a far better option.

Appears that the OTA can be repositioned to improve balance, if you did put a DSLR on. However I suspect that a webcam, a barlow and taking videos/images of Jupiter and Saturn is a better and more productive idea.

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