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Modded DSLR and cls clip filters


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Hi all,

Planning on getting my 1100d modified, not the full spectrum mod, but also looking to get a clip in fliter due to light pollution in my area.

Im unsure whether i need the ccd version of the filter after the mod or whether thats just required if i get both filters removed form the camera?

Any advice greatfully appreciated.



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The CCD version cuts out the infra-red region whereas the normal one doesn't. I'm not familiar with what exactly the mod you're referring to does. If you're at all likely to get more IR then get the CCD version.

As a side note, I got the non-CCD version myself early on. Then when I did get a full spectrum mod done, I had to rebuy the CCD version... it costs a bit more, but I could have saved myself a little effort there if I went straight to the CCD version. Other than the little extra cost, I'm not aware of any negatives to getting the CCD version regardless.

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