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  1. Been following the reverse auction and then saw this thread Came within my price range and just pulled the plug, apologies to anyone else who was interested and everyone else for the bad weather. Garry
  2. Just got the tape measure out, mines approx 19cm wide by 69cm long. Regards Garry
  3. Do you still have the laptop to try and download on that then copy over to desktop? Good luck. Garry
  4. Great thanks, not sure im ready to sacrifice my only imaging camera if things go wrong just yet
  5. Just read through this great thread and couldn't see if you'd mentioned how much weight was actually reduced? In comparison to the original weight. Also, what did you finally house the stripped down carcass in, did this go toward a cooled camera project? Thanks
  6. One thing to remember is that powering your guide cam from a battery wont necessarily connect the cam to the laptop as i'm not sure how many of these batteries with usb connectors actually act like a usb hub but simply just charge things i.e. Phones/tablets. I' m new to the whole leaisure battery game myself and am just getting to grips with the extra bits and peices to actually make it work myself Good luck
  7. Thanks Louise Fov is slightly different, as per 12dstring so i've adjusted the settings, does look ike the indexes are still within range. Just need clear skies to see if it still works. Thanks
  8. Hi all, Just taken delivery of the coma corrector and was wondering whether I need to review my astrotortilla indexes or config given that the corrector is also a 0.9 reducer. Is this likely to make an impact on the setup of Astrotortilla or is the 10% difference unlikely to make much difference? For info i'm using it with a 130pds and a Canon 1100d. Thanks in advance. Garry
  9. I generally take about 40 flats and ill start taking bias as part of my imaging session as they dont take long, not sure i'll take 200 per session though. No darks as dithering setup between apt and phd. Thanks everyone for the input, all very helpfull. Garry
  10. Great thanks, guess I need to start taking my bias at the end of the night. At least they are quick to take. Thanks again wxsatuser
  11. Hi, i replaced the finder with a rigel quickfinder. Once aligned it was so much easier to find things up there. Good luck with whatever you go with.
  12. I'm confused now as i thought bias weren't temp dependant? They are at the same iso though. For info i'm not using darks as read that they can cause more problems with dslr as not being at a set temp so im trying dithering at the minute. Thanks for the info.
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