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Reticle illuminator

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The illuminator for my micro guide eyepiece is buggered (to use a technical term). Thought it was a Celestron all these years, but on closer inspection, it doesn't have a make shown. :?

Bought this model from David Hinds.........


However it has a smaller thread than I need for my eyepiece, so had to return it.

Does anyone here know of any other sellers of illuminators in the UK I could try? Done a web search but come up with a complete blank so far. :)

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Thanks James. Unfortunately I'm only getting a screen telling me I haven't got an account there.

I'm really looking to buy 'new' so I can return it if it turns out that it doesn't fit.

Buy second-hand & you have no such rights, alas! :)

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Thanks for the other two links, James. Unfortunately these only seem to sell the illuminator as part of a package with the actual eyepiece.

My guiding eyepiece is fine - it's only the illuminator that I'm looking to replace.

Thanks for looking..............

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