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Rosette Nebula HA

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The weather forcast for last night was not good, but looking up was better than forecast. Slightly misty .

I decided to have a play with my new replacement EQ6 Pro as I had some problems with guiding just stopping on it's first light last week.

Well the guiding worked perfectly in maxim on Windows XP and I even booted into Vista and after a fiddle it worked great using PHD.

Strange it would not guide via my shoestring LPT in Maxim using Vista as it said cannot see device ? Connections are the sam as I have a multiboot PC.

Anyway, ED80 6.3 FR ATIK 16HR HA filter Guided by WOZS66 and DSIpro on EQ6 with EQMOD.

!0 x 10 min subs.

I then went on to play with my QHY8, but that's another story.



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Looks like a good effort indeed given the conds. Will you be posting a colour version ?


No, but here is a false colour one.

I was thinking of grabbing some colour but decided to go on to play with my colour QHY8 camera instead.



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Nice image with great tracking - well done! Are you using pulse guide or the ST4 port on your EQ6?


I use the ST4 port on the EQ6 pro via a shoestring LPT adaptor.

Strange maxim sees it in XP but does not in Vista. I have upgraded to latest version of Maxim as well.

There are a few things to twiddle with the LPT port in Vista device manager. Interrupt legacy device etc .

I was pleased to see PHD working in Vista though. If DSLRFocus works in Vista and I think I have upgraded my canon drivers,

then everything I use astro related will work.


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