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MT1 v DK3 Motor wiring


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I've got a Vixen DD1 dual axis controller and 1 MT1 motor. I've also got a motor from a DK3 (or might be the Bresser equivalent). The motor inside both are 42 48 7.5o steppers with 6 wires. My Vixen is the old 8 pin DINs.

What I was hoping to do was to use the DK3 motor with the DD1 t odrive the Dec axis but I can see they have different wiring. The DK3 motor only uses 4 wires the used ones being black x 2, red and yellow(the unused are brown & green). The MT1 has all six soldered to the connector being yellow, brown, orange, black and 2 x Red.

Does anyone know how to translate between the wiring codes? How easy is it to blow something if I get it wrong?

Any thoughts, advice or help welcome. :)

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I managed to translate the wiring and get it working so if anyone needs to know the translation is as follows (numbering is looking down on the back of the socket going round the "horseshoe" of the DIN anticlockwise.

Black Centre (this one remains unchanged which makes life easier as there are 2 black wires

Black 4

Brown 5

Yellow 3

Red 2

Green 6

There is another combinationsthat would work but that'll do for me.

Hope that's of use to someone.

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