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NGC 7365 OSC, my first try and it was a hard one!!!!


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Hi to all,

After a week of suffering with back pain, last night I had enough and we actually had a clearish sky so I set up the old EQ5 mount, my SW ed 80 blue and a 0.85 reducer, wired up the ATIK 428 and tuned up for the Bubble. I had seen all the glorious images of this nebula mostly taken in Ha or HST colour scheme and just wanted to try something harder than my usual fair. It proved difficult for many reasons, most of all during the processing as per normal for me , not eough data. The first attempts this afternoon were forgetable as I had not taken any Darks and my flats proved to be less than useless, I may try them tonight as the BBC has promised us torrential rain which as yet has not materialised.

Anyway this is the result of my first endeavour with this beautiful object of the deep sky and I hope that I can improve as time goes by.

I took 28 subs of 450s each with the Atik, ED 80 @f6.4 and my new IDAS LPV2 filter ( I am not sure this new filter helped or made things worst ).

The capture proved to be very noisy so the background is blotchy.




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