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Vixen Starbook power supply connector


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I have a Vixen Atlux mount with the Starbook controller but no power supply as yet.

The 12 VDC power supply unit will be no problem but the mount and Starbook have an unusual power supply connector that I can't find anywhere. Attached are photo's of my Starbook that show the inner connection having a inner female connector rather than the standard male one.

Can anyone help me in finding a suitable barrel connector that I can plug into the Starbook/Atlux.




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Hi there - that connector is very difficult to find on its own in Europe - it is more commonly used in Japan, hence the reason that Vixen chose it for the Starbook.

We do supply a cigarette lighter plug cord to use with the Starbook - details here - http://www.vixenoptics.co.uk/Pages/power_supplies.htm. As you can see, there's also a battery box available.

I tend to point people to this Maplin power supply to use with the plug cord - http://www.maplin.co.uk/12v-5a-car-socket-power-supply-42702

All Vixen accessories are available from the forum sponsor, First Light Optics.


Cheers, Pete - Opticron (Vixen UK Distributor)

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