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  1. I've been reading Uncle Rod's blog on the NexRemote software ( http://uncle-rods.bl...ote-nirvana.html). In it he mentions the software was around the $100 mark but is it now free and available at http://www.celestron...mid=588&nav=0,7 or is this not the NexRemote software described in the blog? Thanks
  2. Thanks Guys. Those connectors from Farnell/Maplin look promising - appreciate your help. Tim
  3. I have a Vixen Atlux mount with the Starbook controller but no power supply as yet. The 12 VDC power supply unit will be no problem but the mount and Starbook have an unusual power supply connector that I can't find anywhere. Attached are photo's of my Starbook that show the inner connection having a inner female connector rather than the standard male one. Can anyone help me in finding a suitable barrel connector that I can plug into the Starbook/Atlux. Thanks
  4. Tele Vue directions for using the 2" 2x powermate with a paracorr (the original paracorr 1) say to put the powermate into the scope first then the paracorr into the powermate thus avoiding damage to the paracorr or powermate. IMO, I think that it would be better to have the Paracorr permanently mounted on the scope, so have I got it right that this is an advantage offered with the new SIPS design? The paracorr is now permanently mounted under the focuser meaning you wouldn't have to remove it when removing or changing powermates or barlows? Thanks
  5. Thanks Pete; so basically the top of the mount is a flat surface with four threaded holes? Almost think I can make my own plate out of flat aluminum plate - should do the job until I can afford some quick release accessories. Thanks Tim
  6. Hi all Anyone out there with a Vixen New Atlux mount that can help about mounting accessories? I’ve just bought the basic mount from the U.S. (yet to be delivered - Vixen Atlux Equatorial Mount with Starbook Controller -3690 - OPT Telescopes) but am strapped for cash and don’t want to buy the expensive quick release hardware such as the (Vixen Atlux Mount Base (Vixen Optics | Atlux Base Plate - Allows Atlux Mount to | 8779), the Dovetail Plate Mounting Block, the Atlux Accessory Plate, etc to go with it. So my question is: can I attach a plate directly to the mount head of the Atlux so I can attach tube rings to it (the plate) or do I need the Atlux mount base (above) as a minimum to get started? Thanks Tim
  7. Hi Does anyone know whether I will have any problems with enough back focus on my MN-56 to use a DSLR for imaging? It's got a moonlite focuser (with an adapter between it and the scope) which replaced the supplied focuser. I want to try DSLR imaging but don't want to buy the camera and find I can't use it with the scope. Has anyone successfully used a DSLR with the MN-56? Thanks Tim Here is a photo of the focuser:
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