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Brightstar Camera Rotator? Anyone used one?


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I've been looking at camera rotators for some time now, and have mostly been put off of buying one due to the fact that they tend to be very expensive, I even considered building my own, but decided against the idea because would have no way of getting the software part done, then recently i discovered the Brightstar Rotator on Modern Astronomy, at £399 it is a lot more affordable than any of the other brands & its spec claims to support a reasonable amount of weight (certainly more than i would need to load it with)

i am interested to know if anyone here has used these rotators & would like to share their experiences.

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I have one that I use to rotate a brightstar manual filter wheel and SXVR camera. The need for rotation was to set the direction of the spectra to avoid overlap with a SA100 grating.

It is well engineered and the only problem I had was that while I could get the supplied software to run on Win XP I could not get it to run under Win 7 64bit. I could however control it via ASCOM from The Sky X. It is well built with just a small amount of backlash.

I would check the software is compatable with your OS. Brightstar did send some updated software but as I use TSX I never tried it.

Regards Andrew

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