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ED80 case

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Hi all,

I'm looking for and thinking of buying an aluminium case for my ED80. Either used or brand new if no used ons turn up. But I heard that the fittings inside the new cases may be different from the older ones. Not sure if this is true, or even where I heard it!

Does anyone have a pic of a recently bought new ED80 case to share, so I could see if it has changed at all?



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there you go, bought this week, I've seen two different pictures of the interior, one with white padding and this one with black and the cardboard..i think the cardboard is to stop the padding from deforming.. John



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Ah thanks jonno!

I prefer the older white foam style myself but if thats how they come these days...

Problem is, if I order one I just know a second hand one will be advertised after I place the order...


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