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Need help on celestron cpc finderscopes please!

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ok, so since ive bought my celestron cpc 800 from an auction, it didnt come with a finder. just a bracket. Ive looked online and found a site that will sell a finder but im not sure if its the right one and it will fit, ive looked on celestron website and my telescope says it comes with a "8x50 Finderscope with quick release bracket" and to buy online it is "Celestron 9x50 Finder & Bracket" take a look for yourself: http://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/Celestron_9x50_Finder___Bracket.html : im a bit confused as why the scope it comes with is a 8x50 but one ones online are 9x50, will it make a difference and most of all will it fit? thanks alot, Gino

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Hi Gino,

I have the latest CPC800 and it does come with the 9x50 finder scope, if you already have the bracket on the OTA then the scope just slides into it and is held by 2 thumb screws.

You can normaly pick one up on ebay for less than full price.

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Hi Gina.

I have a CPC800 and replaced the standard straight through finder with an Orion right angled finder (which is easier on my neck) and also needed a different bracket to fit to my SCT.



I would suggest you have a think it you really want a straight through finder or whether a right angle correct image would be better.


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