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iPhone Shot of the Moon

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I've recently been thinking about getting into astrophotography, however as a student the cost of equipment has sort of put me off on the whole thing. However just finished soldiering the once defunct motor in my scope back to life, and wanted to see if it was working, so I rigged up a holder for my phone and pointed it at the brightest object I could find, the moon!

Here is the result of about 5 minutes worth of work:


There is a lot wrong with this image, but for an afocal image taken with an iPhone and without the benefit of stacking, it came out all right, and more importantly on the basis of this experiment I think it's worth putting a little bit more effort into, and maybe with an app for longer exposures and stacking it could result in a few decent images.

Has anyone else tried this? It seems like it might be a good way to indulge my interest in astrophotography until I can invest in proper equipment.

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Given some perseverance iphone shots of the moon can be quite good. Its certainly got my into it enough to get an xbox webcam so I can learn the basic principles of astrophotography before I go sending serious money on it.

Heres afew of my moon iphone images :)


IMG_1638 by A Drummers Space, on Flickr


IMG_1739 by A Drummers Space, on Flickr

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Nice, those look really good! I'll have to keep working at it and see about getting my images that clear, I was having some problems with my phone mounting system, it was a bit to wobbly to focus well.

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All mine so far have been done freehand, just steadying the phone on the EP. Iv looked at phone mounting systems for my scope, but its going to cost the best part of £50 so I need to get my webcam up an running first to see which I prefer.

Also, get yourself the free photoshop app for the iphone, thats what I did the editing on for those moon shots, some very nice options on there.

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