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As you read this you are on a spacecraft travelling a sixty-six thousand miles an hour. It spins as it flies: since you began to read, it has already turned nine miles to the east. Be honest, you didnt feel a thing. You are orbiting a star, not a very big one compared to many of the ten thousand million others, that go round on the same galactic wheel, and are flying at a height above its surface of some ninety-three million miles.

We hope to cruise at this distance for another eight thousand million years. What happens then is anybodys guess. Despite its speed and size this craft is a space station, a satellite, not designed for interstellar flight. Its passengers rely on the comfort of a pressurized cabin too enjoy the voyage. We must advise you that in the event of the collision, loss of atmosphere, or any alteration in course which may result in overheating or extreme cold, this craft is not equipped with parachutes or emergency exits.

On a brighter note, the spaceship contains an enormous variety of in-flight magazines, meals to suit every taste, and enough games, puzzles and adventures to last a lifetime.

We hope you enjoy your voyage

Thank you for flying Planet Earth.

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