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Celestron AVX mount

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I am considering a return to imaging and am looking at different options kit wise. My original plan was to do wide field on a EQ3 Pro with a 1000d and various lenses.

While away with a local group last weekend I was made aware of a new mount coming from Celestron, the AVX. I have done a bit of web research on this mount and, despite there being little info just now due to the newness of the mount, it looks good and I think it 'might' be for me.

I have had several Celestron goto mounts over the years and my last GEM was a HEQ5. The HEQ5 was by far the most reliable from a guiding point of view but I MUCH prefer Celestron software.

So, I know there is little info but can anyone advise if the AVX will be compatible with EQMod? It is claimed that it will be better than the CG5GT, I always had bother getting my CG5GT to guide accurately / smoothly, do we know if / how the AVX will be better?

And lastly, I suppose FLO would be best to answer this, when will it be available and do we have an indication of price yet?



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I've had one for beta testing for a few months.

I find that it's ability to guide and image is better than the CG5. It's got improved motors, gearboxes and motor drive software.

Setting it up to do imaging has been trouble free, essentially use PHD guiding. I never managed that with the CG5.

It provoked me into buying a new OTA for it, a 6" RC, and I'm planning to use this with a ST80 mounted on top - if it's ever clear again.


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This is a fine mount but although it can be controlled by planetarium software (although not the cut down version of TheSky X supplied with the kit!) it is not EQMod compatible.

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Thanks for that Steve. I guess I can get by without EQMod if I can control it from, say, Stellarium. Although, I am going to miss the polar alignment routine in EQMod.

I just have to be patient to fing out the price and expected arrival.


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