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Beautiful skies down south UK

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At last a clear night, not a cloud in the sky. I went out to a bit of darker sky early on to get the shots of the ISS that I have been trying to get for days. Captured it successfully in 20x 5sec frames. I just need to process them and stack them for the final image. Went home again as I was on my own in a remote area where bad boys get up to bad things, and I didn't feel at ease on my own with £3K of camera.

Set up for some wide shots in the garden. Unfortunately I have limited views due to the super bright lamp post shining over my back garden. I can only look north , south or straight up if I shroud the lens. I started with the 20mm f2.8 and finished with the 50 f1.4. I will have to devise a hood for the 20mm because I am getting too much flare from the lamp post. Grrr.

Anyway, I got plenty of pics of the cassiopeia region.

Last night I played with the 400mm lens, but cloud was an issue. Stars actually move a lot faster with a tele on. Most frustrating when you are trying to shoot at 1120mm .

I tried again tonight Got some pics of Capella and tried to split Mizar, but don't know how well until i edit.

Having fun anyways. :smiley:

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3.25 am. :eek: I should be in bed.

I jat had to stay up and shoot Jupiter. Have to wait till morning to look at the pics though. They look pretty good on the lcd.

Too much fun for one night me thinks.

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