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friday 30th sept


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had an excellent night tonight,

my first proper night out in ages where i,m not dodging clouds!

was also a night of firsts,

i got to see neptune ,uranus,jupiter with some really good banding also the grs and tracked it across the face of the planet.

next switched to dso,s and saw blinkng pin, cats eye nebular blue snowball,crab nebular.

also got to use my delos eyepeices and found they where really good at getting onto objects without having to keep switching to my 40mm 2" skywatcher all the time which saves lots of fiddling.

tonights veiwing reminds me why i bought a scope in the first place.....the sky was fantastic!



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Looks like a really good night you had Andy, a few more hours and you could have included Mars too in your planets seen. :)

was able to catch it myself yesterday although I was only using my 8x42 bins and naked eye, conditions were fantastic, no dampness or mist etc. Was a joy to be observing the winter skies, Orion et al around 4.00 am wearing shorts!

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