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Vixen GP2 and GPD2 Mount Promotion


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We have a limited number of Vixen GP2 and Vixen GPD2 German-Equatorial mounts available at significantly reduced prices.

These much copied and highly respected Japanese-made mounts are bang-up-to-date, genuine UK stock with sealed boxes and full warrantys.

Think of the GP2 as a posh Skywatcher EQ3 and the GPD2 as a posh EQ5 (the EQ3, EQ5, etc are essentially copies) with nearly 50% greater load-bearing capacity than the GP-2 and a pre-fitted polarscope.

Both mounts require a tripod, the Vixen Hal-130 tripod is available at £149.


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Is the tripod you mention the same as the one supplied with the Porta II mount?

The Vixen Porta II uses a different tripod.

The Hal-110 tripod for the Porta-II has split-section aluminium legs whereas the Hal-130 tripod for the GP series has stiffer closed-section (essentially an oval pipe) legs.

The GP series will also fit the Skywatcher steel pipe tripod supplied with the the Skywatcher EQ5 series, and the GPD2 will accept the Skywatcher motors and GOTO upgrade kits intended for the EQ5.

HTH :)

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