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Jupiter +moons

Starlight 1

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I was out last night looking at Jupiter and moons and I was just looking up the the moons in a program for the the about time ,10.30/11.15 time.

I am useing newtonion 250p ds with a 16mm on x3 ,

G is to the left E next to it on left still then Jupiter, I to the right C right and down ,

and still have one to the right side of IO, and 1 left high TO E can someone put the nameS to then for me.

thanks les

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The one high to the east is HIP 11461 - a background 8th magnitude star. The one next to Io was a 10th magnitude star. As Jupiter moves across the sky, you will see the background stars move. Sometimes by chance stars appear to be additional moons.


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