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hi folks ,im just getting to grips with my sn10 ldx 75 scope , i bought it second hand a few months ago , in state of dis-repair , broken dec motor , stuff stuck to corrector plate ,cables broken ect ect , so after some time spent and posting mount off to steve at telescope house , the rig is working ,!! got a decent polar align tonight . done a two star align , and bingo ,all good !! so i spent a good hour looking at some usual suspects ,mostly to check how the alignment and goto was working ,

vega was bright pin sharp , swung round to m13 hercules cluster , look like a pile of sugar with the 26mm , could just about resolve some stars on the fringe with the 10mm . alberio looked superb ,both stars were pin sharp and the colour was very noticable ,m34 was good right across the fov ,went for look at the ring nebula next and resolved the famous puff of smoke , managed to get a good focus with the 10mm , wow , next up was the dumbell , resolved both with the 26 and 10 mm , looked good , m31 was next , was nice and bright tonight as the moon is waining . , both stars in mizar were easily resolved , ,and then had a look at jupiter just before i packed in for the night ( the wife is 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant ,so anytime now , hence i dont like to stay out the back to late lol) . the scope put most of the object near the center of fov ,and missed a few others , seemed to be the objects to the south it was missing .

anyway im very pleased with my new(ish|) scope setup , i will do a reset on the mount tomoro and try training the drive to see if it will improve the accuracy . cheers from paul in ayrshire

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