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Yet another M101 PTF11kly


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I was getting slightly obsessed with observing and imaging this awesome event, probably because with so little opportunity I was afraid of missing out.

Anyway, my chance came on Saturday 17th so I had a go. I nmanaged to bag about an hour of 120s subs with the ED80 unguided. Everything was soaking wet and dripping with dew and the moon being out didn't help things. Quite a few subs were taken through a dew filled lens as I don't have any dew heaters yet, but they are now top of my list !

Just lights and darks used whilst I figure out flats and bias so I may re-process at some point.

I'm a bit more comfortable with basic (very) processing now and managed to make an imperfect artificial flat (as you can see) but it improved the image slightly so what the heck.

My efforts on my 2nd ever DSO image below, constructive criticism is as always warmly received.


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Wow it's still really visible!

Yes - still looked really bright last night with Watec and ED100. Galaxy itself much more visible as well with moon less of an issue.

Michael.h.f.Wilkinson said on another thread that it would decay by about 0.15 to 0.2 mags a day - so plenty of time left to see it if that's true.


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