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Synscan Esc key refine routine


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There is supposedly a method for refining alignment whereby when it has gone to the chosen object one holds down the "Esc" key on the Synscan handcontrol for 2 secs, should see a message in the LCD and then nudge the object to centre and then hit "Enter" key.

I don't find this available. I have an HEQ5 and tried various of the firmware files.

Otherwise, both 2-star and 3-star aligns are pretty much ok but even using a reticle EP, some times after a while or many meridian flops the object can get "edgy" and if it's not bright I'm left hunting!

Can anyone say yes or no to having that facility please?

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Hi Starguest, not sure about the HEQ5 but my HEQ6 has it, no difference as far as I know, but on mine having gone to the object I then centre it and then press the esc key twice, display changes to "centre on "........" " which I have already done and then I hit enter. I couldn't make mine work by holding the esc key down so I tried the other way. Seems to work. Hope this helps. Alan

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ok thanks guys. Bit of an "aarrgghh" moment now. :)

I swear on a stack of Messier Catalogues that I had tried everything. Resets, old/new firmware, hold Esc upto 5secs, repeat that -like same, not doing it as a back out to the main menu, hold Enter and do Esc. And always plenty of volts and current available.

There is something like what I expected in the Utility/PAE choice, but I'd do that and go to a different but near star and try the Esc again still without joy

Anyway.....just messing around a short while ago as the sky looked promising despite the forecast and kidding the mount it was outside in the dark, aarrgghh!

I gave the control a slight nudge of RA/DEC, held Esc for a few sec, released and held it another few sec and....bingo!

I'm sure whatever actual 50 decimal place times to do these last goes must have been matched in all the times I've tried.:):D

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