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EQMac Wireless Gamepad Control


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Hi EQMac users,

I am working on the wireless gamepad control feature and it is about 50% done, allowing me to configure what happens when you click the gamepad buttons.

However, when it comes to the sticks, I am not sure what sort of things people would like them to be able to do.

My gamepad has two sticks and one directional thumb pad (like arrows, sometimes called a "hatswitch").

I was thinking that the "hatswitch" could be used for slow slews like you need for fine centring adjustments prior to a sync.

One of the sticks could be used for general slewing, with the slew rate adjustable with the sliders in the UI (or via gamepad buttons).

I was also wondering if the slew stick could vary the slew rate depending on how far you offset it from the centre. So if you push it right to the edge, you'd get a maximum rate slew, or if you just moved it slightly, you'd get a slower rate slew. Although this sounds nice, I think that it would not be very practical because it would be hard to hold the stick in exactly the same position during a slew to avoid changing rates all the time.

Finally, there is the other stick - what can it be used for? Any ideas?

Does anyone have any comments on how they imagine the gamepad being used?



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Limits, no doubt! Fortunately, my camera spins fairly easily so it actually doesn't stop the mount when it gets banged against the leg, but that effectively eliminates all possibilities of getting flats shot when the sun comes up. I usually do the flats after a night of sleep with the scope ticking away on its own...


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Not an EQMAC user but I can give a few comment son gamepad control:

Having a slew rate proportion to joystick deflection is something that has been asked of EQMOD many times. The problem is by doing this you lose precision of control. Firstly you clearly need a deadzone in the middle to stop movement - then you need to divide up the remaining movement into slew rates. Given that most folks only need around 3 or 4 distinct rates for practical use it really makes no sense to provide all rates on such a small joystick movement. It also doesn't make sense to quantise the movement into the 4 rates as then when fine positioning will accidentally nudge to far, change rate and overshoot.

Personally I use the right hand joystick to control my focuser - up/down = in/out left right changes movement step size.

If you want ideas of how a gamepad will be used take a look at EQMOD and ASCOMPAD. Certainly slews, rate changes, syncs, park, emergency stop, spiral slew are all essential for my use. You don't have to limit yourself to mount control either. The latest EQMOD addition has been to add a button definition that alows the PC monitor to be turned on/off.


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