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12" dob setting circle template


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I was looking at setting circles for my dob. There are a few methods demonstrated on the web, but when I hit on Mike's post:


I decided it was too easy not to have a go. I have a 12" skywatcher flex dob and the edge of the base measures 2004mm. The attached A4 pdf includes 8x 45 degree strips, marked in 1 degree increments. I haven't cut them out and tested them, but I measured more than twice, so they should be good to go. If I find they are out, I will edit the .psd file and re-issue this pdf...

If you have a 12" flex dob, or another scope with a base that measures 2004mm then this may save you some measuring. Laminating with 25mm sellotape sounds like a good idea, then double sided sticky tape to attach them to the base. Many thanks to Mike for the idea :)


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They would probably find it even more useful had I got it the right size(!) I was working at a sub millimeter scale in photoshop so it should have been bang on, but it didn't seem to print out at the right size :)

This new attached pdf is a corrected version and should be spot on. I will post an update to confirm once I have it fitted to the base...


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