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my scope wont focus properly

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its a sky watcher heritage 76. nah its kinda like the brightness from jupiter is making a circle shape similar to the planet appear right next to it if you get what i mean

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I agree that it sounds like a problem with collimation. However I used to have the Heritage 76 and there's no easy way to collimate it. The only thing I used to do is completely defocus, preferably on a star. Failing clear skies, I used to light a candle in a dark room and defocus on that from as far away as I could. Then use the three screws behind the secondary to try and get the shadow of the secondary in the middle of the defocused circle of light. It's by no means perfect, but it did improve the quality of the image I was getting with that scope.

Hopefully someone will have a better solution, but if not give that a try. Good Luck!

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