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3x Barlow or 5mm eyepiece?

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I currently have a 10mm and 25mm along with a 2x barlow... since I got the first view of Saturn yesterday I started thinking about buying an eyepiece so that I could view Saturn even better.

Then I came across the 3x barlow.

And that's when this question crossed my mind:

What would be the best buy: The 3x barlow and stay with the same eyepiece


buy a 5mm and stay with the 2x barlow?


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The Astrolux has a focal length of 700mm so a 5mm eyepiece will be giving 140x which I would say is the max that will be useful in a 76mm scope. A dedicated 5mm eyepiece would probably give you slightly better views than using the barlow and the 10mm (unless both of those are top quality) but a 3x barlow will deliver too much magnification to be useful.

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