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  1. I currently have a 10mm and 25mm along with a 2x barlow... since I got the first view of Saturn yesterday I started thinking about buying an eyepiece so that I could view Saturn even better. Then I came across the 3x barlow. And that's when this question crossed my mind: What would be the best buy: The 3x barlow and stay with the same eyepiece OR buy a 5mm and stay with the 2x barlow? WHAT SHOULD I DO???
  2. Today I spotted Saturn for the first time ever... It was such an amazing sight The pics are not that clear... but the rings are visable
  3. So, I was going around some stars, getting used to the telescope so that I would be able to see the planets soon. And then it happened, a satellite. I see a satellite through my telescope, it was quite a great feeling. ... A happy ending to a 1st day of observing ... And another thing. Do the stars appear almost the same on telescope as they do with the naked eye??? I hope its not the same with planets...
  4. Poll of the Day: Which Planet Fascinates you the most?
  5. I keep on finding stars on my finderscope, but I can't seem to see them, when viewing from the telescope. Could it be the alignment? If so what could I do?
  6. Kit: Scope - Skywatcher Astrolux 76mm Eyepieces - 25mm and 10mm, 2x barlow Filters
  7. The scope has finally arrived, can't wait for tonight, for my 1st observation
  8. Poll of the day: What objects do you prefer observing the most?
  9. How I wish I could make it... Though since I'll be 16 I'll have to study for my O level exams (GCSEs) Well, maybe next time
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