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Help Choosing eyepieces

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I was looking at getting two new lenses. I have been reading up on the Orion Stratus wide angle lens. I like what I see so far. All I have currently is a Celestron kit with 6, 8, 13, 17, 25, 32mm Plossls. I would like to find at least one or two more good ones, preferably wide angle I think. I have an 8" Dob and DSO seems to be my targets of choices. I tend to use the 8, 13, 32mm the most. Any one have any suggestions on any good ones. Price is an issue unfortunately so i guess around $100 a piece I think

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Hi Soul...the wife has an 8" (F5) newt & even through the orange lights of London she had great views of M13 M92 & others last night using her Baader Hyperion zoom ...50deg @24mm to 68deg @8mm...in effect it gives you a few quality eyepieces in one...the 32mm panaview i use on my Dob(16inch) didn't seem so impressive in her 8 inch...might be a light gathering thing...maybe it needs a dark night for use in the smaller 'scope.

Best bet might be to go observing with a small group...& try each others lenses...cheapest way to see what works & what doesn't

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