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Widefield pics with an 8" newt possible

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I see on here these amazing widefield pics of ngc7000 etc taken with little refractors like the ed80

Is it possible to get pics like that with the scope in my sig using my dslr. Would it involve doing a mosaic ?

Really new to the whole ap thing so sorry if the question are stupid

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The field of view you obtain is determined by the focal length of your telescope and the size of the chip in your camera. You can model the combination of any system in most of the planetarium software packages. I use SkyMap Pro.

Or you can download CCD calc from here, though I don't know it personally.

The New CCD Astronomy Home Page

With your 900mm FL the NAN/Pelican complex would be a big undertaking even with the large chip of a DSLR and would be a multi-panel affair. I'd be inclined to start on a one-shot project. With an unmodded camera the largely blue Iris Nebula might be a nice one to try in your setup.


ollypenrice's Photos

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