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Hi SGL, the 3rd meet of the North Lincs Astro Society was held on Monday night here in Barton, it was good to see several people turn up in spite of the very strong and cold wind, and after a chat for around half an hour or so we got lucky with a decent break in the cloud so took advantage to have a look for Saturn even with a fairly light sky is was located with a set of 15x70 Celestron bins and with the unaided eye!, thanks Mark and Paul.

A Skywatcher 150p was set up and some decent views were had of the gas giant with the aid of some good quality ep's, 5mm BST and a 9mm Nagler which we barlowed to give an excellent view of it revealing both Titan and Rhea.

It was great to hear the reaction from someone who had never seen it so well before, we all love that moment as we know how it feels ;)

I'm sure you wil be amazed when you see it with 10 inch dob Sam :)

Not that much of an evenings observing really but to have a go for even an hour was no easy task taking the openess of the venue into account which left us all exposed to the unrelenting wind, a quick check on some of the major stars that were beginning to reveal themselve's was all that remained.

Thanks all for coming along, think we all earned that hot drink!

Clear Skies

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Thanks for another good evening Alan, pleased to get a bit of observing in with it not looking very promising at the start.

Would have liked to have stayed until the skies got darker but it's back to reality today with work and school for Jessica.

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