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Owl Nebula, Canon (mod) Vs Nikon (unmod)


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This is first light with my new, self modified 450D :). I've targetted the owl nebula again, having recently had a go at it with the camera I used to use - an unmodified Nikon D70.

I've attached 100% crops for comparison - I'm quite pleased with the results, the Ha response is clearly much improved! And there's more detail in general, Even with less exposure :D

Here's a 100% crop with the 450D, ~35 x 2mins, unguided:


100% crop with the D70 taken in March, 57 x 2mins, unguded. (It looks smaller because of the lower reslution sensor.)


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Cheers, both images were taken at prime focus through my 150pds, which has a FL of 750mm. I also use a SW coma corrector.

I am pleasantly surprised at the sensitivity given the smaller pixel size, although this might actually be down to reduced read noise...

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