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Optics testing - re-coating

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Hi All,

Hoping someone can point me in the direction of a company or individual who can help restore my old scope? The telescope in question is an old 8.5inch F7.5 Newtonian I have had for donkeys years but not been able to use at my current location, so it has been languishing in the garage for ten plus years and is in need of some TLC now.

The optics definitely need re-coating and there is a small chip in the secondary, so that needs replacing. Back in the day when I used it, it gave wonderful views but was always rather bulky and heavy to lug around the garden and it took ages to cool down - the mirror is a good 1.5" thick. (really it needs a permanent observatory - something in the offing when I hopefully move next month! :))

The optics are by H. Wildey and are inscribed as such on the back (64" F7.5 parabola - 1966) The tube is by AE; an alloy hexagonal skeletal tubing, mounted on a Fullerscopes mount of similar vintage. - I have always thought it undersized and won't mind ditching that for a good heavy duty driven modern mount -suggestions welcome on that score also. The focusser is helical and poor/worn, could also do with replacing.

So any suggestions on where I might get the optics back to spec, perhaps tested and a new secondary and roughly how much it might cost, just to see if it is worth it, or just to buy some new Chinese 5" APO instead? :) All input gratefully received! :eek:

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If it's focal length is 64", then it is an f8 scope, or the mirror is 8.5".

I'm nit picking :). If it is a Wildey mirror, then it's a good one, and worth having it re coated.

Galvoptics of Basildon will re aluminise it, and you can buy a new secondary mirror. Measure the mirrors minor axis in millimetres, and they will give you a price for a new one.


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Hi Ron,

Slip of the podgey fingers! :eek: it's an 8.5" Glad you think it's worth doing up. I remember it giving good lunar / planetary views (my main interest) and have been disappointed in the views given by my OO OMC140 I got a few years back for use as a "portable" scope. :)

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The scope when refurbished will not disappoint.

I am surprised to hear you say the Orion OMC140 was a disappointment to you. It is renowned for lunar and planetary performance. Thermal equilibrium is important with that unit, so perhaps something like that was responsible for it not delivering good views. I have no personal experience of the omc140, I'm going on reports I've read.


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