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saturn lyrids + ISS

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well tonights been a fantastic night

setup my new scope, played with my new lens's from FLO, and took some piccis :):D:D

just started gettin everything out of their boxs when my uncle points out theres a bright plane ther,, but i notice its not blinking n remembering i seen it before said, theres the iss bright as ever! grabbed my binos an could make a little fuzzy shape but it was great start of the evening

set up the scope n first set it towards saturn, went from 30mm to 25, to 10, to 6 and even tried my 3* barlow (but couldnt focus with that on 6 :icon_salut: ) saturn was fantastic could make out a little moon just below it, the color bands and more expessially the little storm on it :eek:

then moved to where i thought m82 was but couldnt see it :BangHead: lp from lights around hampered that, then i set my camera up and pointed it towards lyra, sat in a chair an watched for half n hr little shootin stars all around me saw a nice long one n a fair few shortys was amazing


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