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  1. todd8137
    Well hope tonight is the night ,as last night was spent messing,with the sct 9.25 try in jupiter but shes over the house now and the thermals wee on the wobble ,even with the ir 740 pass filt not much luck.
    so back to tonight set the 127mm EDT cf up with the 80mm guide scope will include a few images ,
    it sits on a cgem head on a astrotec pier
    just have to stick the qhy5 and modded dslr 600d on tonight fore the laptop up phd/ back yard eos and away we go will post my results as and when going to get around 3 hours of data. On some small galaxy

  2. todd8137
    Hi there just want to say that,all telescope retailers ,all offer the same service as each other ,royal mail does not make parcels go any faster,so why say
    "xxx company" delivered in one day most company's do they all offer the same service,they all chat to you on the phone
    It's the company's that do not have a direct number,now if they was good they would have a direct number,it does not matter if they are shop based or Internet based ,company's that do not offer a direct line do not get my money so thEy should take heed, who wants to e mail a company for a phone call back not me these companys are idle aNd do not care about the people its all about the money!most shops and internet based companies are the same some re good some are bad,some and most will offer your money back ,only because long distance selling abides by this rule.most are good but some just take the Micky,if you do not have the stock,why say you do ,and then there's a 3 week wait
    Moan over
  3. todd8137
    Hi all well set every thing up test shot done checked on pc fine put dew shield on.for some reason i put the dust cover on as well went in the house come back ,and started to snap away i did it in 3 sets of 20 ,did i mention i left the lp filter in as well.
    any way i have 60 x 30 secs good darks to save i ended up getting about.10x30 it was late at this point so i gave up
    put them in DSS, They small as well i feft the 2" tube in which took the d10s chip a little to far.all the same will try this again with just the fr and camera
  4. todd8137
    Hi all well last night was a great night for me .i gave the system a bit of a go and it worked .well sort of i will not go on about the settings ect as there in the dso`s forum on here i will include a few pics.
    well i started with double in Pers and i did have a few mistakes ,on i forgot to switch the pec on after training it for 8 mins forgot to hit play.
    that drama over i took 20x15 secs and moved on,they looked ok zoomed no trails
    M13 was next this was a lot easier the celestron 0.63 reducer worked well and framed it nice of course 35/40 mins would have been better but .i wanted to try a few clusters (the easy ones) a guide system would be just the job but for the time be in.i will stick and learn with what i have .the cannon 10 d is where am falling its not that great and its un moded
    so the night was clear dew was not a problem and the longest part was the darks but i did save them for next time .
    i saved all my data and can add to it later .
    its not easy i thought it would be ,but its not.
    i take my hat of to the guys who do hours of this work ,like this and there results are evident. please excuse my grammar ect
    as you can see a blind stab in the dark does work
    thanks for looking pat
    link to other pics and post

  5. todd8137
    a few more images did these last night.webcam and c gem sc9.25 xlt was a clouds damp night .but mars was out and the moon i did try for a M45 took one 55 sec and the cloud came
  6. todd8137
    Last night and this afternoon.i got some shots of the sun,and some video of the moon and mars they are below my image voyage as begun
    i have posted the pics in all relevant threads
    webcam phillips
    10d for sun
    mars webcam
  7. todd8137
    heres the latest stuff hand drawn the links for here on sgl
  8. todd8137
    HI all and as you no tonight the 16 jan,i started a new messier list on 12- 28-11,i had started the list so many times ,
    now i could burn a load of in one night,but then i would not able to bath in its light on my eye ball,that said i put the scopes out at 18:30 and came in for tea fed and watered i printed of all 110 sheets for free i will post one up later ,and i decided i will start with M1 and work my way from there,now is it pos to see all from the UK,i see lots of sigs state in that so ?.
    i got out side and with m1 in mind Orion was high up and i wanted to check the telrad and 9x60 was all in order and all pointing me in the right way ,i had colaminated the scope early out side(well truth be told i did it in the porch about 3 o clock, i gave the neb in orion a good pan around,32mm in and the OIII filter in my pocket i took a look,for the first time in 3 years i have actually seen orion in all its glory tonight it really was standing out ,i did not need the filter i am sure i saw some green purple and dark red,it was not a trick of the eye or mind either.
    that out the way and still glowing ,i spun the scope to the Crab to be honest in the 32 mm ep i passed it about 5 times and the OIII filter let me see a smudge ,i popped the filter of and put the 20mm skywatcher uw,i used to hate this ep but that was not the eps fault colamination and the summer heat gave me a sour taste with this ep,scope sorted aligned the 20mm sw uw 68,its became my best friend no field curvature ,or stretched stars around the edges i got back tothe crab and it takes power rather well tonight with the 300p also i found it with the 90mm goto with a 17mm gso plos and it was more detailed with the 300p ,but the little 90mm f8 did not fail to impress yet again !theres a lot to be said for 90mm fracs .
    with the 300p tho it was rather out line was really standing out,and towards the center it was more darker it shape was just like it should have been in the past i ve had a go for it but the first time in years there it was,i spent 20 mins on and of tap in the scope lightly did not reveal much more detail,it totally worked on the great Orion neb,for the next time i intend to head straight for M1 and spend a bit more time with it not just the neb bt the stars as well around it because once you have studied them you will never have probs finding it again thats me done
    thanks for reading
    clear skies

  9. todd8137
    hi all
    well Clive (Telesto) is coming up with 200p at reflector tonight and the 12" and 90mm will be out as well ,hope to image the moon and hopefully Clive will able to get the tracking go in and get some good moon avi`s.Pleiades is what i want to draw and a few other
    clusters whilst Clive gets the video and may be some ,images with the moon and the d10 and 12" reflector,update to follow
    well what a night last night was,crispy cold ,and it was nearly minus four at one point .Clive arrived (telesto) and set up prior to Clive get in here ,i had a look at Venus which was still in its current phase,Neptune was just there and was more than a dot it was not white,may have been me but it looked a lightish blue and just above venus no good with the 90mm frac i was use in the 300p 6mm tmb.
    well after we had a brew and had settled down out side 20 mins later we started to view M35 was the first thing we looked at Clive had not seen it before most of what we seen tonight was for clive ,is first time the amount of double stars tonight was great oranges blues lots of bright stars
    i used a 20mm uw for all tonight`s view in, apart from mars we we looked at a lot in Gemini split the double and moved on to cancer ,m44 of course Clive loved it it did look nice tonight and i stuck the 32 mm in for a quick look lovely cluster, the owl cluster was next Clive had a blast to with the 300p and he could clearly see the blue and yellow gold stars easy to fins and see
    Orion for a while m78,the neb of course ngc 2175 split Rigel very nice double clearly seen,
    sigma Orion errm, Ursa major next mizor was naked eye with alcor,m81/82 where hard to find at this point as the moon was above the trees and its massive glow proceeded it 30 mins before,then seen Clive was really pleased his glow from seeing the clusters was keep in me warm he seen all but m81/82 with his scope as the moon was shocking ,we then looked at Andromeda and its galaxy, which filled the 20mm ultra wide both me and Clive noted how bright the center was tonight .
    but the high light for both of us must have been M33,have in a telrad makes this great galaxy soooo easy to find and theres a lot to be said about the guy who made these possible genius,m33 wow at a few points i did see the dust lanes the 32mm ep was needed for this ,and averted vision, and a little tap on the side of the scope,and a mean little taps ,on the scope and the dust lanes popped in and out of my vision the shivers were not just from the minus 4,either the scopes were covered in ice at this point ,but may i say the fan was running all night and the dew shield on .i was taken with this for a bout 25 mins on and of and clive was busy relocate the other targets we had set up for the night he was star hopping to them and have in a great time with is 200p truss tube auto track his diy skills with a light shroud and dew shield out of a camping mat he had made a few days before were excellent .
    the quote of the night goes to Clive,
    "pat is that mars just above the trees","yes mate" ,"pat i have it in the ep, with a 6mm and i can see a white bit at the top and a brown line and a dark L shape near the bottom" i was still on m33 blinking my eye lids and tap in the tube this method for any galaxy always brings out loads of detail for me ,i was in the shed and have in the dew shield on it was not possible to drop the scope down that low as it would have hit the sides of the shed, i sneaked a look with Clive`s 200p and is 6mm ep wow wee no wonder he was smiling away , he was right the polar ice cap was so obvious there was a dark feature running just below it and there was a prominent L shape feature ,my first real view in 2 years and from the back garden,at this point clive legged it to the kitchen and got the camera and laptop, a few avi`s got we went in for a drink seeing was not that great for video and you could see features on mars on the vid but the stacks would only stack 50 out of 500 ,
    what a night great all round Clive ticked of plenty of doubles,clusters nebs,double clusters and every thing in between ,i did not write every thing down as the wow moments did not stop all night thanks for reading

  10. todd8137
    Hi all ,its clearing nice here gonna post this up and stick the SW 300p out side, for a couple of hours its gave clear skies for the east tonight,the laptop batt as died and will only run of the power supply and can not have power on in the shed at the min.
    i have a few in mind for tonight i have never seen the sun flower galaxy i hear its a urban myth we shall see . Orion will get a work out as well and not just the neb all stars and all the other goodies that's on offer , Cassiopeia is still good and i love have in a blast round it tonight i will be there at some point. i will run the fan as well tonight am glad the batt as died on the laptop as i may now get back to visual 2011 was filled with wasted clear good seeing nights try in to get things on the spc900 webcam .
    a mistake i will not repeat this year (he says again) if any body else is galaxy hunting tonight please give me your reports and your out side temperature if pos update to follow :D
    well the galaxy hunt was killed of by the moon i did see m81/82,no sunflower or any thing else
    well this is easy to find very big fits just about in 2"32mm ep very dense at the center just to the left just out the fov is a tiny tight cluster not sure what that was
    ngc 2129
    very small about 12 stars of dif sizes in the center and a few round the outside very hard to find
    very hard again i used mebsuta in Gemini to hop to it,tight core about 5/6 bright stars below the main bunch theirs a lot of wide stars not sure if they was part of the cluster
    small again the center is full ofsmall dots there was around five bright ones around the left side nice to find
    cone neb ngc 2224
    another nice cluster a few orange red and blue stars tonight the center is not dense has you go to the top of the cluster the line of stars go of to the left
    theres a great group of 4 in the center and another above it great group and cluster
    i did have a good look round Orion again but around midnight dew was every where except the mirrors the fan was on all night and the dew shield was on the out side of the tube was dripping so was my coat and hat
    i spent 25 mins wipe in the tube down and the dob mount stuck the tube at 45 degrees put a saucer in the tube with 5 x20gm bags of silca that sucks all the damp out
    great night more the same tonight i hope

  11. todd8137
    hi all
    well Saturn will soon be back,and i can not wait i was scanning the net for some info and found in a couple a pics ,what i was looking for.
    the angle of the rings, the pics are below,i am tempted to set the alarm one night but may wait,
    this time round i feel i have enough to get a good few pics for next year ,enjoy the pics

  12. todd8137
    hi all just got every thing out side so the moon is nearly full tonight, so filters and web cam at the ready and waiting for telesto to get here with is 200p flex-tube auto track, i have the 12"reflector at the ready my filters tonight will be red ,blue, ir,and may be if its real rough the nd94 ,purple also is great for the web cam gives real deep black and whites mono all the way
    i had a great view to the north east and east so should get some great shots from tea time tomoz,
    any way will update this later,with pics and video of Jupiter and the moon web cam and dslr
    well telesto came up with in minutes of him getting here the clouds opened up and snow rain and sleet came down i have a gortex sheet about 9 feet by 9 feet ,i had that on prior,so after a hour we gave up,so yet again beat

  13. todd8137
    hi all we have had a sprinkle of snow this morning, at my place 4 miles west of Alfreton any one one else have any could you leave your rough location and if you had snow also could you if poss give me your temps in centigrade thanks
  14. todd8137
    Neodymium filter
    well last night i was collecting all my stuff up and was walking towards the back door i saw my neighbor come round the corner ,in is car so hurried to get to the door ,i heard a metal clang on the floor opened the door and heard a crunch, i started to check and sort my eps out no neo filter,i put the porch light on to see the filter had been run over
    gutted this is my best filter and they not cheap here`s the pic of the dead filter
  15. todd8137
    Hi all well been do in all sorts since me last adventure,i finished the barn door tracker works great pics will follow when the skies decide to clear,i set about make in a fan after spend in months with tube currents and reading endless amount on this subject ,i got a group average on the pros and cons of a fan,i cut a circle out of clear plastic cut the notchs out for the col screws and glued the Velcro to both parts and trimmed up that all done the cloud came down for weeks till the 27th,i gave it a whirl when run at 12v the was some shake not sure if it was the wind or the fan i dropped it down to 9v wich gave me a steady picture,but when i put the webcam in the vibe was obvious
    so whilst recording i left it on by mistake which gave me not great pics i have put the links in the planet section on sgl
    i used the 12" heres the link to the other post i did with links for the pics and video thanks for looking
  16. todd8137
    Barn door tracker
    HI all thanks for take in a look,
    well i started with idea to make one for ages but had not a pice that a needed to make it ,to the shed i went . i looked in a few boxes to find what may or may not work,finding a piece of old hoover pipe was the first thing i thought theirs the mount for the camera and so on,till i found everything apart from the bolt which i got from a diy place,i set to work
    job done i set it up tested it ,reset it up tested tracked a few shots lens got dew on it so i came in the house left the camera in a plastic bag in the shed went out 20 mins later low thin cloud ect, i aimed the camera for for Lyra in the bottom right corner and took a 2 min sub as a massive cloud was drifting across here a short video of the mount and some of the pics i took
    this is truly a back yard build,i stick one of the pics and the video,
    update 23 nov
    well things are not go in smooth,some times it works perfect,but most of the times it does not work at all i think the bodge job is no good a new model is in the pipeline as this one is ok but does not work all the time i some times do not see the benifits of it ,but i will struggle on as any one else had problems with barndoor trackers

  17. todd8137
    i intend to have a good look again tonight that depends on the moon of course, and the clouds i will take a few wide field shots shots as well and get the pens and black card out .
    but i fear dew may be a problem not on the scope but the camera even with the home made plant pot dew shield but will give it ago the temp at the min is 5 c ,so the camera may stay in the house we will see will finish this blog later
    epic fail
    i did a bit of moon and Jupiter with the webcam,came in the house watched a bit of tv when i next went out35 mins later it was foggy and every thing was covered in dew what a pain here is one of Jupiter and the first time i decide not to put the dew shield on the 300p i had a foggy mirror
  18. todd8137
    hi all thought i would give this a try a new the clouds are out but a great way to show the motion of the stars and the clouds,25x30sec subs, the video is here
    mr tibbs gave me the idea after watch in is orion video wow i wanted to try my self i am going to try and take 500 x30secs at some point even more if a get time
    todd8137's Channel - YouTube
    there was a 20 second gap between each 30 sec sub can not wait to get to the dark site and catch a tree in the back ground
    cheers pat
  19. todd8137
    at last its has been seen by me last night i could not be leave it ,but there it was the first time from my own back garden have seen it so many times ,but never from the back garden .
    i also did a bit a video of Jupiter i think i have pushed the none tracking 12" dob to its limits and may now have to be happy with what i have ,ive tried to barlow the 90mm on the goto mount but the planets are still small even at x2,3, 5i`ll post the link for the pics on photo bucket ,and later will put the videos on youtube so ya may have to come back if you interested in that cheers as always

    clear skies always
  20. todd8137
    hi all was out last night after play in about with the mirrors for days i did another star test all was fine great concentric circles got some jupiter about 10x 10secs as the base is a dob ,and flys through the fov any way heres the pics
    they on photo bucket
    heres the video on youtube

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