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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply. It seems my initial problem is that I was doing a sweep from one side of the moon to the other in one single avi file. I did 5 in all, just pushing the scope down a little each time, so that I would cover the entire thing. So I think that was where registax was falling down in that it couldn't stack all the frames in the entire sweep together. Not sure if I'm fully understanding how to use registax properly either though, so back to the drawing board. I may try and split the file up (using virtualdub) into smaller sections, as mentioned above, and seeing if registax likes that any better. I guess I wont get as many frames for each section as the scope was drifting, but its a start, unless anybody else has got any other suggestions of the best way to proceed. Thanks
  2. Appreciate the advice yesyes. I've no doubt you are right there. Start little and buid my way up, or walk before running, or jogging in my case. Out of interest, what program do use to capture the avi? Cheers
  3. Oh dear, is it that simple! I feel such a fool. SO basically with a dob, I'm going to have to try and hold it still i.e. keep it steady for as long as possible. Thanks yesyes, biiiiiiig help. The whole idea of me doing this was because I couldn't see the whole moon in my FOV using the webcam (i.e. I wanted to at least have taken one picture of the moon), so elsewhere in the forum someone suggested making a mosaic. Thanks again, going to have to wait for clear skies again now....could be weeks at this rate! :-( Once again thanks for staying with me there! Simon
  4. Unfortunately I dont have an image to show as I turned of f the computer in a huff last night after it didn't work. So, I've got 5 avi's, and I try putting one of those through and after running through it through registax to try and get one image out, the image stacked frm the 1400 or so frames that make up the entire sweep (from one side to the other), don't much look like the moon! It was all blurry and you couldn't make out any of the features etc. I must be doing something wrong in registax itself, just dont know what. I load the avi up and then click optimise then after 40 or so mins it produces the offending article. Thanks again for your help.
  5. ok thanks for the reply, then I must be doing something wrong in registax, as after processing it the image is all messed up. Do you think its because I only have 5 frames, that are caaputring too much of the moon in one go? If so, how did you do it. I'm guessing you have to manual move your dob like me? Thanks
  6. Thanks, Is that to split the file up into however many parts? If so, before feeding back into registax, what's the limit with the area of the moon I should use each time. i.e. a tenth? twentieth? Thanks again
  7. Hi yesyes,, I know I'm reactivating an old thread here, but I've had a problem trying to do a similar thing using the same setup as you. Can I ask if you used Registax, and if so how did you use it in your files to create the above. I have taken only 5 video's/avis, and then put them through the program, and after about 40 mins of processing etc, the picture comes out a bit squiffy. i.e. i have 5 avi's of a sweep from one side of the moon to the other, lowering it each time, essentially getting the whole moon on film. Is this the correct way to do it? Thanks in advance. Simon
  8. Thanks for the replies folks. I thought this was the case too, so thought it maybe something I was doing wrong in registax. Looked through all the FAQ / help etc, couldn't find exactly what my problem was. However, with what Peter has said, maybe there's too much data there and the program can't cope. I would have thought it would be able to keep the bits that appear on all frames too but maybe I'm expecting too much here. Is there anyway to split the avi up into different parts perhaps or telling registax I only want to stack frame between say 1-100 i.e. 10 seconds worth of video if at 10fps. And then repeat the process on frames 101-200 etc etc. Is this possible, and if so how? Thanks again folks. Simon
  9. Hi all, Help needed. (I have googled this but can only come up with peoples finished articles rather than the process). First up I'm a noob with imaging/webcam, and I'm a bit stuck with the process of making a mosaic of the moon and need some guidance. I've taken 5 different avi's using sharpcap, which I hope/think covers the whole moon. Then I figured I should next stack them in registax. I'm a new user, so maybe I'm not using it correctly, but the final image comes out a bit squiffy. So couple of questions. 1) Is using registax the first thing to do after capturing the avi? 2) If so, how can I stack the frames so that it only captures one part of the moon at a time. ie. i believe its trying to stack a picture of one sweep of the moon i.e. from one side to the other. Is this the wrong way to do. Soory for posting what is probably a really dumb question, but I just can't make head nor tail of it. Appreciate your help. Thanks Am using a 8" dob btw, so moon is drifting across FOV.
  10. Hold on a minute! Sowhat you're saying is by using a program such as focus magic, you can actually adjust the focus of a picture after its been taken? Wow - the things you can do nowadays.
  11. Thanks for the link to the program @REVS, very handy tool. Also thx for the info @jgs001. I guess from this info re 8500mm you're saying that having the webcam attached is like having a focal length of 8500mm. Is that right? Playing around with that handy program, says that you cant get the whole moon in a FOV for 8" dob unless you have a focal reducer of about 0.25. Guess they don't make them that small, and also someone else said that on a dob not sure it will rack back far enough to be able to get into focus with a focal reducer of approx. 0.5. Guess the only way is to do it with a webcam and the size dob i have is to mosaic and stitch together. Thanks for the info. Sorry to hijack your thread. Original point was great pics @REVS.
  12. So what you're saying is that as you used a dsl-r and not a webcam, you could fit the whole moon on FOV, as its got a bigger sensor, even though you're still using a dob. Because webcams have a smaller sensor, it can't fit the whole image on there. Is that right? Cheers
  13. Great pics, great quality. For the whole moon pic, did you use a mosaic, or focal reducer to get the whole thing in? Intrigued as my first time using a webcam with my Skywatcher 8" was last night, and I couldn't get the whole moon in field of view so was advised I probably need to go down the mosaic route, as a focal reducer probably wouldn't work on my size dob.
  14. I like a challenge! Will look into the suggested software and brace myself for another program, wow such a learning curve, and this is just with my very basic setup. Have already downloaded 2 new programs, SharpCap, and registax, and now to add a third - crikey. Thanks for your time folks, appreciate your replies.
  15. Hi all, New to SGL, and astrophotography. Can't seem to find an answer to this one, please help. I have an 8" (f6) Skywatcher Dob. I realise not the ideal scope to use astrophotography on, but managed to get hold of a Philips webcam and with fantastic instructions from the folks on this forum, was able to upgrade the firmware to an SLC900nc (think that's the model number) So I tried my first set up tonight. Not the greatest time to start, with heavy, heavy fog, but just wanted to see whether I could get any picture on the laptop. It was obviously poor seeing, so nothing taken of any note, but just amazed that I could actually see the images on the screen! A great way for a group, such as family and friends to view at the same time. Love it..... However, the moon was just too big to get on the screen. I guess I need a focal reducer, but what one do I need, i.e. how do I work out what size reducer I need in order to fit the whole moon on the screen. Is getting a focal reducer really necessary. I've seen a recent post that talked about mosaics, I'm guessing by combining many different sections together, but how do you go about doing this. I'm guessing the focal reducer is the easier option but does it degrade the quality of the pictures at all? Appreciate any help. Thanks, Simon
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