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  1. Hi everyone Been off the scene for a while So its like starting all over again just saw this thread and booked Fri & Sat looking forward to meeting every one Clear skies and a bottle of Jameson
  2. I would be interested in Fri -Sun incbut will have to check with work tomorrow
  3. will be leaving soon as car loaded and have a cuppa see you soon
  4. Yea Will be there early afternoon with a bit of luck
  5. Ok That's it booked Now the waiting game Looking forward to it
  6. Hi Jules Is there still room for one more ? If so whats the latest I would need to be there because I never know where work takes me (HGV) Pat
  7. Just booked up with firefox & paypal without any problems Thanks James
  8. Count me in as well I sometimes park overnight by mast on the Pennine Way if Im delivering in the area and I have a couple of hours with bins
  9. I didnt make it either Barry. Modem packed up so no comunication. Spent an hour in back garden but seeing wasnt that great Jupiter was about all I could see. Gave up around Mid Night
  10. As far as i know it is The last time I was there was before Christmass
  11. Cheers for the quick replies I lost my connection hense the fast exit
  12. Would this be ok in a 250mm dob I'm using a couple of BST's at the moment 8mm & 25mm I think its F4.7
  13. In the Dec edition Sky @ Night Pete Lawrence has written an article Working with WinJUPOS Looks interesting
  14. Hi Paul That is a great image one to be proud off If Sat night is clear I'd like to meet up again and I'll bring the binos and tripod as well. Will try levelling the base properly to see if that improves it. I now have been able to start ticking off some of The Moores Winter Marathon Thanks to your guidence on Sat night So heres to clear skies the weekend
  15. Had a great night over Cosford on Sat 10th with Steve and Paul.Got there after 10pm straight from Willenhall bonfire, a little cloudy to begin then total clear sky with the Milky Way overhead. A great sight considering we were only a few mile outside Wolverhampton. Have never seen it from my backyard. This was the first time I tried the setting circle and the wixey and pleased with the result but it still needs some improvements. Saw a lot of of new objects thanks to Paul first being the Andromeda Galaxy followed by M1 M31 M32 M81 M82, the Eskimo, the Hyades We had some great views of Jupiter saw the bands clearly, best I've ever seen Tried out two new BST's 8mm & 25mm was well impressed have had them about 9 months first time out of the box. Saw Neptune through Steve's scope There was also a few meteors some leaving impressive trails in the night sky The Orion nebula was a great sight also. All in all we had a good 4hrs or so I really enjoyed it; Thanks again for the guided tour Paul Looking forward to the next night I hope its soon Cheers Pat
  16. Hi there What time are you thinking about being out there If Willenhall Bonfire finishes early enough I'd head over there
  17. A big thahks to James & Co for another fab weekend catch up with old friends and meet new ones Ok the weather wasnt the best but the atmosphere was great. Enjoyed the talks and the S@N presentation Roll on PSP3
  18. Can I have the same again ......pitch 11 touring field Cheers
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